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promotion variable and household income

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I am working on a project, using Understanding Society and I have two questions:

a)I had to locate those individuals who have been promoted. I used the variable jbendreas. Why are the frequencies for promoted individuals so low especially when compared to the BHPS (variable used in BHPS is jhstpy)?

Do you think I may be doing something wrong? Any suggestions to identify individual who got promoted and increase the numbers?

b) Is there a variable of household income in Understanding Society similar to fihhmn of BHPS?
If not, any suggestions?

I also sent an email to Stephanie Auty to ask in case there is a hotdesk hour today (because it is Wednesday)and maybe I can talk to you then!!This is only reason I am writing urgent in the priority status window.

Thank you in advance,



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Hi Ioulia,

Stephanie is away right now, so your email was not picked up. Sorry about that. If you want to attend the Helpdesk Hour you need to email . If you want to attend the one next Wednesday then please send an email to this address.

(b) The harmonised gross household income variable in the month before interview is bw_fihhmngrs_dv in bw_hhresp files.

I am looking into (a) and will get back to you.

Best wishes,

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Dear Alita,

Thank you so much for the response.
It is massively helpful.

Thank you for being so responsive and fast.

All the best,

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Hi Ioulia,

There are 3 sets of variables that record reason for job end in UKHLS, based on the route taken - jbendreas, stendreas, reasend*

We are not sure why the % of promotions is less in UKHLS as compared to BHPS. One possibility is that promotions within the same job are not being identified by respondents as job changes and so they are not asked the follow-up questions on reason for job change.

It may be useful to sign up for our JISC mail where users discuss analysis issues. To do that email

Best wishes,

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A colleague has suggested that to identify promotions within the same job (when not being recorded as a job change) could be to look at hourly wage and see if that changes - but this will require you to make assumptions about how much hourly wage increase constitutes a promotion.

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