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questions re deaths and representativeness

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Sorry to bug you – especially as, no doubt, this information is available somewhere on your website. In my defence, however, I have just spent quite a lot of time on the website and I have struggled to find it (although that’s probably just my remarkable stupidity). Hence this probably annoying email.

Anyway, it’s two very quick questions, both of which I am sure will be quick to answer (not least because as you are probably asked them over and over again..):

1. Is Understanding Society linked to death records? I don’t mean just in terms of being notified that someone has died can no longer be part of the study, I mean in terms of being able to analyses the data, and look at risk factors for death. So, it would need details of deaths (dates etc) to be collected.
2. At what geographical level are the data deemed to be broadly representative? Just GB? Or the individual nations (Scotland, England, Wales)? Or anything (local authority? Region?) below that?

Sorry if these are incredibly dull, frequently asked questions which are irritating.

But thanks for your time if you are able to answer them!


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Dear David,

No, we don't currently link to death records.

The following working paper will help with your representativeness question:

Best wishes,

Also available in: Atom PDF