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Inapplicable observations

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Hi there,

There are a few variables of observation which have data listed as inapplicable, the reason for which I can't work out. These are:

jbsat - some individuals are inapplicable despite being employed.
jbsoc00 - no reason given in the online description of the variable.
aidhh - there are 55 individuals inapplicable despite having a household size greater than 1.
ndepchl_dv - no reason given in the online description of the variable.
scend - no reason given in the online description of the variable.
screlhappy - there are 637 individuals inapplicable despite being married or living as a couple.
xphsdb - there are 660 individuals inapplicable despite being under some form of rental agreement.
jbhrs - there are many individuals who are employed yet listed as inapplicable.

Could you let me know of the reasons for inapplicability of the above?

Many thanks!


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Dear Xavier,

You do not say which wave you are looking at, but some general advice would be to look at the question in the questionnaire ( or module documentation ( and check the universe for each question. For example, the universe for w_jbsat in Wave 9 is if CURRENTEMPLOYMENT.JBHAS = 1 | CURRENTEMPLOYMENT.JBOFF = 1 (Worked in the last week or did not work last week but has a job), so it is not based on w_jbstat, as you might have expected. In Wave 9 there are no inapplicables for those who have i_jbhas==1 or i_jboff==1.

Investigating the universe for i_jbsoc00 (, it looks like the 42 inapplicable codes said their previous job code was still an accurate description of their occupation in their main job and so you could look back at the previous wave to find what that was.

Once you have checked the universes of the other variables please let me know if you have any more questions.

Best wishes,

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