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Top coding on h_fimnnet_dv (total net personal income - no deductions)

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Hello there,

I'm working with h_fimnnet_dv, and trying to build a regression model to predict income based on a range of other factors (primarily ns-sec and method of travel to work).

I've read that monthly income is top-coded at +/- £15,000 (

However, when running a boxplot, I find I've got a load of values above £15,000 p/m (image attached). I'm going to apply my own top coding, in order to reduce the number of variables at this top end.

At the same time, I just wanted to check whether I'm missing something here about how this variable is calculated and the top coding that is applied. I've checked, and I am using UKDS SN6614 (standard EUL).

Capture.PNG (27 KB) Capture.PNG boxplot_ns_sec_h_fimnnet_dv Christopher Brown, 07/09/2020 09:43 AM


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Thank you for your query. I have passed on your query to our income team and we will get back to you soon.

Best wishes,
On behalf of Understanding Society User Support Team

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Sorry the variable note for w_fimnnet_dv does not clearly explain how topcoding is done. There are 51 observations in W9 with values of this variable higher than 15000. The components of this variable are topcoded rather than the variable itself, directly, (£100,000 if per annum and £8333 if per month). Please refer to the topcoding section of the user guide which explains this clearly.

If you have any further questions please let us know.

Best wishes,

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