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Understanding Society Marital and Cohabitation Histories

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I am currently working on a project where the dependent variable(s) will be several measures of partnership quality, which we will measure using the self-completion relationship (screl) questions. In our sample will be included both cohabiting and married couples.

An important control variable that we will need to add will be the duration of the current partnership (or, how long the couple has been together). But we are having a bit of a hard time figuring out how to reliably construct an accurate variable measuring this using the available datasets on UK Data Service. I was wondering if there are any available guides on how one might go about doing this? Or, even better, if there are any known files with this information that have already been constructed? I recall that there was a 'Consolidated marital, cohabitation and fertility history' file available for BHPS, but I could not find anything like this for Understanding Society on UK Data Service.

Could you please advise at your earliest convenience?

Thank you,


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Dear Riley,

We have produced a marriage and cohabitation history file based on Understanding Society Waves 1-5. We have combined this with the BHPS cohabitation and marriage history file produced by an user for BHPS sample members. This still needs to undergo some checks and then it will be released via the UKDA early next year. If you would like to use this dataset before it is released via the UKDA and provide us feedback so that we can improve on it, please let us know - just reply to this post.

Best wishes,

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Dear Alita,

Thank you very much for your note. This file sounds like exactly what I was looking for. I would be very keen to use this dataset before it is released and provide feedback. Please let me know if you require any additional information from me.

Best wishes,

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Dear Alita,

I just wanted to check in to see whether it was still possible to use this dataset before it is released? Please let me know how best to proceed here.

Thank you and best wishes,

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We are finalising the process and will contact you very soon.
Best wishes,

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Dear Riley,

I'm going to close this forum post now as this is being taken forward by my colleague Alita outside the forum.

Best wishes, Victoria.

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