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Pay variables for Immigrant and ethnic minority boost

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If there a reason why the variables for monthly labour income are not present for the IEMB, even though there is data on earnings?
Output below should clarify that f_fimnlabgrs_dv & f_fimngrs_dv are always -9 for the IEMB, but present for the main sample and for the other pay variables (like f_payg_dv f_payn_dv).

Are there any answered questions on whether f_fimnlabgrs_dv is better/worse than f_payg_dv for measuring earnings???


. use f_indresp

. su f_fimnlabgrs_dv f_fimngrs_dv f_payg_dv f_payn_dv if f_memorig==1

Variable Obs Mean Std. Dev. Min Max

f_fimnlabg~v 25,885 1215.259 1777.099 -1666.67 15000
f_fimngrs_dv 25,885 1800.833 1772.432 -1666.58 15000
f_payg_dv 25,885 857.4451 1505.202 -9 15000
f_payn_dv 25,885 631.4868 1025.833 -9 15000

. su f_fimnlabgrs_dv f_fimngrs_dv f_payg_dv f_payn_dv if f_memorig==8

Variable Obs Mean Std. Dev. Min Max

f_fimnlabg~v 4,656 -9 0 -9 -9
f_fimngrs_dv 4,656 -9 0 -9 -9
f_payg_dv 4,656 522.7107 1222.099 -9 15000
f_payn_dv 4,656 402.2637 906.403 -9 15000


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Dear Steve,

Many thanks for your enquiry.

We don’t currently produce derived income variables for the IEMB - our imputation methods require multiple waves of data and we currently only have one wave of data for IEMB. We will be producing derived income variables for IEMB in the future, when more waves of data are available.

You might also note that some of the intermediate derived variables (payg_dv etc) are computed for non-missing cases.

We hope this helps, best wishes, Victoria.

On behalf of the data user support team.

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