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Longitudinal weight in R with - wide datset

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Dear UKHLS User Support team,

I'm conducting a latent growth curve analysis using waves 2-6 in R. The dataset is in the wide format. I was wondering whether I can use the longitudinal weight provided in the last wave as my weighting variable or if any further manipulation is needed.

Kind regards,
Eleonora Iob


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I would have thought that the longitudinal weight should be perfectly appropriate for this case, e.g. f_indinub_lw or f_indpxub_lw or f_psnenub_lw, depending on which data sources you are using. Note the "ub"part of the variable names, which will include the BHPS samples that entered the sample at wave 2.

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#3 Updated by Eleonora Iob over 2 years ago

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm using f_indnsub_lw as I have data from the nurse and adult main interview.

I have a further question related to the longitudinal weight. As I'm using Maximum Likelihood Estimation, I decided to include in the analysis all participants who were present at the first time point (i.e. wave 2), although some of them dropped out at subsequent waves (N= 8856). However, f_indnsub_lw is not available for almost 2000 participants. Is this because they were not present in the last wave?

Kind regards,

#4 Updated by Peter Lynn over 2 years ago

Yes. As described in the User Guide, the longitudinal weights are defined for sample members who participated in all of a set of consecutive waves. In the case of the "ub" weights, this set is all waves from wave 2 to wave w inclusive, for the w_ version of the weight, e.g. from 2 to 6 in the case of f_indnsub_lw.

As I understand it, your analysis base is not this balanced longitudinal sample but is instead the wave 2 participants, regardless of subsequent participation behaviour. The optimum weight for you wouldtherefore be the wave 2 cross-sectional weight, b_indnsus_xw.

You might also want to add the BHPS sample participants to your analysis. They had their nurse visit at wave 3, so for them you would use c_indnsbh_xw.

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That's great. Thank you very much for your help!

Kind regards,

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