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1368 Support Feedback Unmatched households when merging hhresp with lsoa data
1350 Support Feedback GCSE grade data
1348 Support Resolved Merging
1347 Support In Progress weighting
1337 Support Resolved w_jbnssec3_dv have more than 3 category
1289 Support Resolved What are the values 7 through 12 in the jbnssec3_dv variable
1268 Support Feedback Political Ideology
1265 Support Feedback Variable storage types changing from wave to wave
1263 Support Feedback Number of households in broader London area
1250 Support In Progress Identifying transitions from households to institutions (older adults)
1246 Support Feedback Evermar
1237 Support Resolved Month of birth variables
1235 Support Feedback Country of birth of children aged 0 to 15
1233 Support Resolved Commuting to work (jsttwt)
1221 Support Resolved Using UKHLS at the quarterly level
1216 Support In Progress Buckner's Neighbourhood Cohesion Instrument & Neighbourhood Social Cohesion
1212 Support Resolved UKHLS/BHPS Harmonized data set
1171 Support In Progress How to match information of any two household members across waves
1155 Support Feedback What variables to use to construct hourly gross labor wage that accounts for overtime
1154 Support Feedback Pay
1143 Support Feedback Derived interview and demographic characteristics
1142 Support Feedback Identifying unemployment spells
1140 Support In Progress Mistake between ba_jbstat_bh ba_jbstat in Wave 1 of BHPS
1128 Support Feedback How to match husbands and wives in USoc without dropping one or the other
1127 Support Feedback Determing end date of cohabitation spell
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