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# Status Priority Subject Author Updated Category Target version % Done Assignee
202 Closed Normal Analysing respondents from a particular year from two waves Gary Pang 11/10/2015 02:19 PM Data analysis X M

Redmine Admin
201 Closed Normal combining cross-sectional weights from wave 1 and 2 Ferdinand Eibl 10/21/2013 10:23 AM Data analysis X M

200 Closed Normal relationship data in altego file Derek King 11/10/2015 03:06 PM Data documentation X M

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199 Closed Normal health conditions in main adult data set - wave 1 and wave 2 Jennifer Roberts 11/10/2015 02:18 PM Biomarkers and Genetics M2

Jennifer Roberts
198 Closed Normal Understanding Societies wave 1: a_lmend Wieke Selten 11/10/2015 02:22 PM Data analysis M1

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197 Closed Normal SF36GHP in Wave 9 of the BHPS Emma Salter 11/12/2013 03:33 PM BHPS

195 Closed Normal Wave 3 Special Licence Access Dharmi Kapadia 11/10/2015 02:22 PM Data releases M3

194 Closed Normal Type of postsecondary education attended L Lessard-Phillips 11/10/2015 02:20 PM Data linkage and consents X M

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193 Closed Normal Commonwealth Games Questions clare leadbetter 11/10/2015 02:18 PM Data documentation BHPS

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192 Closed Normal Wave 3 adult data Jon Heron 11/10/2015 02:19 PM Data documentation X M

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191 Closed Normal current employment situation and current job Giulia Montresor 11/10/2015 03:02 PM Data inconsistency M1

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190 Closed Normal Wave 3 release date and content on loneliness Marcus Green 11/10/2015 02:22 PM Data releases M3

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189 Closed Normal Items from citizenship survey Matt Easterbrook 11/10/2015 02:21 PM Data documentation M2

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188 Closed Normal Job satisfaction and promotion variables Sarah Parsons 11/10/2015 02:44 PM Data documentation M2

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187 Closed Normal NIHPS 2008-09 (SN: 5151) - correct household weighting variable? Demi Patsios 10/28/2013 10:30 AM Data analysis BHPS

185 Closed Normal Pre-participation unemployment spell Chris Martin 09/12/2013 04:01 PM Questionnaire content BHPS

184 Closed Normal How the derived variable of highest educational qualification is derived? YIFAN SHEN 11/10/2015 02:43 PM Derived variables X M

Redmine Admin
183 Closed Normal Variables in "b_ptimings_ip" of IP2 Vivian So 08/27/2013 09:00 AM Data documentation IP2

180 Closed Normal Sports Club membership among Scottish adults Chris Martin 08/21/2013 01:54 PM Data inconsistency M2

179 Closed Normal mariatl status change between wave 1 and 2 Tina Hannemann 09/12/2013 04:00 PM Data analysis M2

178 Closed Normal Marital Satisfaction Availability in Wave K? Spencer James 08/27/2013 09:00 AM Data documentation BHPS

177 Closed Normal SF36 in BHPS and SF12 in UKHLS Emma Salter 11/10/2015 02:26 PM Derived variables X M

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176 Closed Normal Missing parental data Sam Baars 11/10/2015 02:30 PM Data analysis X M

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175 Closed Normal Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data Chris Martin 08/19/2013 11:29 AM BHPS

174 Closed Normal Understanding "Missing" in IP data Vivian So 07/30/2013 01:06 PM Data documentation IP1

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